What customers are saying about our products and services:

DNCL AutoUpdate

“... an impossible task without a program like DNCL AutoUpdate!” With the new DNCL legislation there was no choice but to subscribe to the national Do Not Call registry. Our salespeople often call customers who purchased a vehicle 3 -5 years ago, but may not have been back for service. Downloading millions of phone numbers from the national Do Not Call List and comparing them to our 32,500 customers is an impossible task without a program like DMSPro's DNCL AutoUpdate. It automatically updates the Federal Contact Consent flag in ERA/CM and prints an audit report when it's done. The whole process takes about 30 minutes a week! John Douglas

Controller, Frost Pontiac

CCR Automate

“This is definitely a must-have piece of Software!” CCR Automate has made the administration of the Car Care program easy. Before DMSPro installed this program, I was having each of my Advisors key in their RO data on the Car Care Rewards website. Each of them was spending up to 40 minutes a day collecting and re-keying information that was already in Reynolds. We now run CCR Automate weekly and all of the RO’s are now uploaded to the website – and it only takes 10 minutes! Additionally, the sales data provides key information as to which Advisors are selling what items and allows for easy comparison. This is definitely a must-have piece of Software!Sam Fairhall

General Manager, Wellington Motors

“Every Chrysler Service Manager needs this tool!” The program that DMSPro has developed allows us to quickly and easily capture Car Care Rewards sales so that we can upload them to the Chrysler website. Each quarter as Chrysler changes the incentive line-up, DMSPro sends us an update. The quarterly update and support fee of $300 is good value. This program has saved us countless hours of tracking and keypunching. Every Chrysler Service Manager needs this tool!Steve Brookfield

Service Manager, Crowfoot Dodge

Advisor CP Sales Report

“Highly recommend this report…it is well worth the money.” The Advisor CP Sales Report has greatly reduced the amount of time I spend each day gathering and reviewing the previous day’s business. The report gives me a quick and accurate picture of the performance of my advisors and technicians, and it shows me at a glance where improvement is required. I would highly recommend this report to anyone who wants to truly measure the performance of their Service Department in a format that is easily readable. It is well worth the money. Barry Gottfried

Service Manager, Gauthier Chrysler

Warranty Rate Review

“I would highly recommend your services.” Thanks for the work on the labour rate review. You made it very easy to complete and the results were exactly as you predicted. I’m very pleased with the outcome and I would highly recommend your services.

Thanks again

 Grant W. Osachuk
Service Manager, Frontier Toyota

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