Barry Gottfried, Service Manager, Gauthier Chrysler

The Advisor CP Sales report has greatly reduced the amount of time I spend each day gathering and reviewing the previous day’s business. The report gives me a quick and accurate picture of the performance of my advisors and technicians, and it shows me at a glance where improvement is required. I would highly recommend this report to anyone who wants to truly measure the performance of their Service Department in a format that is easily readable. It is well worth the money.

Sam Fairhall, Dealer Principal, Wellington Motors

The MAR Automate program has made the administration of the MOPAR Rewards program easy. Before Perry installed this program, I was having each of my advisors key in their RO data on the MOPAR Rewards website. Each of them was spending up to 40 minutes a day collecting and re-keying information that was already in Reynolds. We now run MAR Automate weekly and all of the RO’s are now uploaded to the website – and it only takes 10 minutes! Additionally, the sales data provides key information as to which advisors are selling what items and allows for easy comparison. This is definitely a must-have piece of software!

Jeff Graff, Director of Fixed Operations, Wallace Automotive Group

I have been using Perry’s Advisor CP Sales report and Technician MTD report for over 10 years. We have implemented his reporting at all of our stores. His reports give the Dealer Principal, General Manager and Fixed Operations Manager a snapshot of how the department is doing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. I highly recommend his reports to help increase and track your business.

Mark Henderson, Director of Aftersales, Performance Auto Group

The “Perry Reports” have been instrumental in creating revenue growth opportunities throughout our service departments by enabling us to dive deeper into our data, quickly and efficiently highlighting areas for opportunity. They have also given us a very effective tool to communicate with our team on a daily basis, with either a snap shot or more in depth reports, to motivate performance or highlight coaching opportunities.

Warranty Rate Review

Warranty Rate Review

Available for Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Hyundai, Mazda, VW and Audi franchises.

  • When was the last time you did a Warranty Rate Review?
  • Have you changed your Effective Door Rate in the last 90 days?
  • We upload your Repair orders based upon factory parameters
  • Analyze the Repair orders to find the best sequence of RO’s
  • Provide you with a list of RO’s to pull and submit to the factory
  • We even give you a summary so you will know what to expect

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Name File Clean and Specification Review

Name File Clean and Specification Review

  • When was the last time you spent any time on your most valuable asset?
  • Are your marketing efforts being duplicated?
  • Does your staff waste their efforts looking at the wrong customer info?
  • Analyze your Names to determine duplicates based on: email, Postal Code and Phone Number.
  • Provide you with a list of Names that will be combined
  • We use Reynolds name combine routines to ensure compliance with their edits.
  • We will review your name spec’s and discuss what you need to do to stay clean.
Dealership Merchandising Services

Dealership Merchandising Services

Service Reminders

  • Setup reports to identify regular or lost customers
  • Setup postcard, letter or email content based on dealer specific needs
  • Train designated personnel on daily procedure

Sales Promotions and Follow-up

  • Setup reports to identify prospects by group: maturing leases, carlines, model year, location, etc
  • Extract customer data and refine lists
  • Setup postcard, letter or email content

Parts Special Order Reminders

  • Setup report to identify customers with received special order parts
  • Reminders can be sent as postcards or by email

Finance and Insurance Extended Warranty Sales

  • Identify customers who are nearing the end of their manufacturer warranty
  • Setup postcard, letter or email content

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Bruce Brawn

Bruce has over 30 years experience working in the dealership environment. For 14 of those years he worked as a Reynolds and Reynolds Consultant helping dealers to better utilize their systems. In recent years with Reynolds, Bruce worked as a CRM Specialist, selling and Supporting CRM tools to the dealer market. Since leaving Reynolds, Bruce has helped many dealers maximize their DMS and CRM potential, implementing many new ideas and processes. Bruce has a degree in Business Administration.
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Bruce can be reached by phone at 604-790-0980.

Advisor CP Sales Report

Advisor CP Sales Report

Here’s a report that every Service Manager can appreciate! With the Advisor CP Sales report, you can now track the services and parts your advisors are selling every day. It’s easy to run and each report view is formatted to fit on one sheet of paper.
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