Warranty Rate Review

Warranty Rate Review

Available for Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Hyundai, Mazda, VW and Audi franchises.

  • When was the last time you did a Warranty Rate Review?
  • Have you changed your Effective Door Rate in the last 90 days?
  • We upload your Repair orders based upon factory parameters
  • Analyze the Repair orders to find the best sequence of RO’s
  • Provide you with a list of RO’s to pull and submit to the factory
  • We even give you a summary so you will know what to expect

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Name File Clean and Specification Review

Name File Clean and Specification Review

  • When was the last time you spent any time on your most valuable asset?
  • Are your marketing efforts being duplicated?
  • Does your staff waste their efforts looking at the wrong customer info?
  • Analyze your Names to determine duplicates based on: email, Postal Code and Phone Number.
  • Provide you with a list of Names that will be combined
  • We use Reynolds name combine routines to ensure compliance with their edits.
  • We will review your name spec’s and discuss what you need to do to stay clean.
Dealership Merchandising Services

Dealership Merchandising Services

Service Reminders

  • Setup reports to identify regular or lost customers
  • Setup postcard, letter or email content based on dealer specific needs
  • Train designated personnel on daily procedure

Sales Promotions and Follow-up

  • Setup reports to identify prospects by group: maturing leases, carlines, model year, location, etc
  • Extract customer data and refine lists
  • Setup postcard, letter or email content

Parts Special Order Reminders

  • Setup report to identify customers with received special order parts
  • Reminders can be sent as postcards or by email

Finance and Insurance Extended Warranty Sales

  • Identify customers who are nearing the end of their manufacturer warranty
  • Setup postcard, letter or email content

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Database Analysis and Maintenance

Database Analysis and Maintenance

  • Reports to monitor data integrity
  • Identify incomplete addresses, email addresses and cities etc
  • Duplicate name clean-up and training
  • Review purge parameters and process
  • Procedures for proper data entry
  • Staff training on proper search procedures
  • Review security setups and procedures for each application
  • Provide activity analysis of customers
  • Review customer privacy and contact flags
Data Extraction

Data Extraction

  • Custom data extractions in various file formats
  • New car show or event sale prospect list extractions
  • Mass service mailing extractions
  • Target marketing extractions
Custom Reporting Services

Custom Reporting Services

  • Creation of custom reports
  • Build dealer specific reporting using spreadsheet software
  • Update your current dealership reports using data extracted from your DMS rather than manual input
Service Merchandising Evaluation and Tune-up

Service Merchandising Evaluation and Tune-up

  • Includes 25 point inspection (which includes)
    • Review desired strategies with dealership
    • Provide overview of the forecast cycle used in CRS
    • Review operation codes to meet strategies
    • Review CRS usage, appointment conversion
    • Review contact cycle effectiveness (phone, email, letters, postcards)
    • Review service advisor repair order creation
    • Review appointment process and customer handling
    • Etc.
  • Convert operation codes to meet dealership strategies
  • Train service personnel on proper usage of software
  • Train dedicated individual on running CRS daily
  • Install Advisor CP Sales report to enable tracking
  • Provide report on service and sales retention
  • Assist dealership in conforming with Privacy Legislation
In-Dealership Process Consulting

In-Dealership Process Consulting

  • Identify opportunities for immediate impact
  • Achieve the extra value for your software investment
  • Monitor document flow for optimum results
  • Increase dealership efficiency and maximize profits
  • Best practices and report analysis
  • Ensure reporting needs are met